Veggies Gotchi

Official Veggies Gotchi Whitepaper, last updated April 22, 2024


Delivering a true gaming experience while gamifying complex blockchain protocols and Web3 narratives: this is the promise of Veggies Gotchi 🥕

On the surface, Veggies Gotchi is a simple, fun game that combine GameFI and evolving NFTs. By playing the game, you will be able to adopt a vegetable pet, take care and train it to compete against other vegetable owners and steal $ETH from them.

But it's when you look at what's going on in the background that the game really comes into its own by creating an incentive filled journey for all players. The $ETH spent in the game are not paid but actually staked in your pet and will farm different LSD protocols on different chains to allow you to get a weekly yield and airdrops. In addition, Veggies Gotchi is an entirely on-chain game, allowing you to carry out on-chain transactions when you play and thus farm the airdrop of the network on which you play!

In a simple way: Veggies Gotchi is a simple and fun game that allows players to take advantage of Web3 market innovations and incentives just by playing.

The Motivation For Creating Veggies Gotchi

As big fans of the innovation happening in Web3 and in blockchain technology in general, our team realized that there was a real accessibility problem. Innovations are often complex to understand, and simple users who don't have advanced knowledge don't use them because they don't understand them. Veggies Gotchi aims to gamify these innovations and narratives to make them simple and accessible to all. That's why we want to create an engaging and fun gaming experience seamlessly integrated into daily life, nurturing lasting emotional connections with enjoyable and usefull blockchain interactions.

A Dedicated Team To Change Web3 Gaming

Our team is made up of thirty-somethings who spent their youth playing video games. The current state of Web3 Gaming depresses us deeply: most games focus on the financial aspect and leave aside what is really important in a video game: entertainment and socialization. We want to change that and create a game that entertains you every day, and even makes you forget that it's a blockchain game.

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