Getting Started

By playing Veggies gotchi, you will be able to adopt a Veggie pet, take care and train it to compete against other Veggie owners and steal $ETH from them. But first, you need to install it!

Step 1: Install Veggies Gotchi app

Install our application from your phone on our official website: NEVER INSTALL ANYTHING FROM ANOTHER WEBSITE!

Step 2: Export your private key NOW

Veggies Gotchi app uses account abstraction technology (Account Abstraction) This means that you'll have a wallet integrated directly into the app. By exporting your private key, you ensure that you never lose access to your account and funds. Read Keep Your Private Key Safe for more informations. Click the button "Export your private key" to export it:

You can also import your own wallet in the app by importing your private key if you dont want to use Veggies Gotchi Wallet.

Step 3: Fund your Veggies Gotchi Wallet

To get started and access the game, you'll need to send $ETH to your Veggies Gotchi wallet on zkSync. You need to deposit at least 0.01 $ETH to unlock it! ONLY SEND $ETH ON ZKSYNC NETWORK, DON'T SEND FROM ANOTHER NETWORK!

If you don't have $ETH on zkSync, you can use this bridge:

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