$ETH Staking & Re-Staking

A large number of users have $ETH in their wallet and do nothing with it because they don't know or understand how to use $ETH staking and re-staking. Veggies Gotchi's aim is to make these innovations accessible to players just by playing the game. This is why our dApp/game works like a staking program. Money spent in the game is not lost or returned to the Veggies Gotchi team, but remains in player's NFT/Veggie. These $ETH will be automatically placed in staking and restaking protocols allowing players to benefit from the yields/airdrops of these protocols.

In the current version of the game (beta), we only use LIDO on zkSync. We plan to add several strategies from the launch of V1.

Want to know how our economy works? Read this: How Does It Work?

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