Battle Other Owners (PVP)

PvP battles are the main option for earning star points () in the game without staking $ETH. To access it, simply click on the two swords at the bottom left of the screen.

PvP Menu

When you access the "PvP" menu, you'll notice that players are sorted by rank.

Everyone starts with the bronze rank. To rank up, you must accumulate star points and competence points 🟢. You can only attack players around your rank as you progress.

For example, if you're Bronze and placed towards the end of the board, you won't be able to attack the diamonds at the top of the board.

Attacking other players

Attacking another player allows you to steal 0.5% of his star points and reduce his lifetime ❤️ by 30 minutes in case of a win. If you lose, the opposite will happen: you will lose 0.5% of your star points and 30m of your lifetime ❤️. Success or failure is calculated using a winrate expressed in %. Here's how winrate is calculated: AttackerPoints / (AttackerPoints + DefenderPoints). Learn more about Competence Points here: Train Your Veggie Note that you can only perform one attack every 2 hours, and your Veggie can only be attacked once every 2 hours. When a Veggie dies, 25% of its star points are redistributed to other living Veggies.

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