Train Your Veggie

Here's the second Veggies Gotchi mechanism: Competence points (🟢)

These points represent your Veggie's specialization and will be decisive in PvP battles!

Attack or defense (or both?): it's up to you to choose your specialization and strategy!

Here the formula to determine winrate in battle: AttackerPoints / (AttackerPoints + DefenderPoints)

How To Increase Competence Points?

You can increase your Veggie competence points by: -Feeding your Veggie pet with Processing food. -Win fight against other Owners. -Turning the wheel every day

Is There A Maximum?

Yes! Skill points are currently capped at 300. The maximum increases from season to season! The idea was to prevent snowballing by capping the number of points, and a bonus was applied to new players enabling them to close the gap faster than older players.

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