Mint Your Veggie

Your Veggies Gotchi account is ready! The adventure is about to begin! It's time to adopt (mint) your first Veggie pet!

Mint price 0.0025 $ETH

As explained in How Does It Work?, $ETH spent to mint your Veggie pet will be converted into star points () and represents the value of your pet. Star points () can be converted to $ETH at any time.

Supply Infinite Details Your NFT will evolve with time and with your progress. He can also die (= burn forever) if you don't feed your Veggie pet. The variety of Veggie you get is random.

Name Your Veggie pet

Congratulations! You're now the owner of a Veggie pet! Have you thought of a name for it? Here's how to rename it 🔽

Mint Another Veggie Pets

You're not limited to one Veggie Pet. If you'd like to adopt (mint) more than one Veggie pet, you can click on its name in the top left-hand corner, and the option ato have a second one will appear.

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