How Does It Work?

In its marketing, Veggies Gotchi advertises/promotes itself as game. In most games, when you spend money, you receive a service and/or a virtual object in exchange. In other words: you have to spend money to progress or acquire things in the game. Veggies Gotchi doesn't work that way. The money you spend in the game is stored in your pet in the form of star points (). In other words: it's still yours and it can be withdrawn at any time. Let us explain how it works 🔽

$ETH as main currency in Veggies Gothci

The main idea behind Veggies Gotchi is to gamify $ETH staking & re-staking and airdrops farming. That's why we use $ETH as the main currency in the game and why the money you spend while playing still yours.

When you spend $ETH in Veggies Gotchi, you receive points which are represented by a star (). These star points () represent the value of your Veggie pet (nft). You can convert your star points () into $ETH at any time if you decide to stop playing. When $ETH are in our smart contracts, we use them in staking and re-staking protocols to enable you to farm airdrops and farm yields just by playing the game. At the same time, other players can attack your pet to steal star points ().

Most in-game actions requiring $ETH are converted into star points () including Pet Mint, Pet Food, etc... However, there is a “shop” section with paid features that are not converted into star points!

How is the value of star points () calculated?

To earn star points (), you must invest $ETH in your Veggie pet. These star points () have no monetary value. They actually represent a % of total $ETH in our smart contracts which is calculated by the number of star points () of your Veggie pet over the total number of star points () of all Veggie pets. For example: -Players have sent 100 $ETH into our smart contracts by playing Veggies Gotchi. -Each player received star points () accordingly and the total number of star points is 10,000 (). -If you have 1,000 star points (), you will have 10% of the total $ETH into our smart contracts = your Veggie pet is worth 10 $ETH. If you steal star points () from other players, the value of your Veggie pet will increase and you'll own more $ETH. On the other hand, if players steal star points from you (), your % will drop and the value of your Veggie pet will decrease and you'll own less $ETH.


In order to reward our players and also generate income for the team, a tax will be applied to the $ETH invested in Veggies Gotchi game. The amount of this tax is 3%. About this 3%: -50% will be redistributed to players on the leaderboard. -50% will be kept to generate revenue for the project.

For example, if you invest/spend 1 ETH in your Veggie pet: 0.03 $ETH will be retained by our smart contracts. 0.015 $ETH will be redistributed to players and 0.015 $ETH will be kept by the Veggies Gotchi team.

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