NFTs Supply & Rarity

NFT Supply

Veggies Gotchi aims to revolutionize the digital collectibles experience by using evolving and dynamic NFTs (read Evolving NFTsfor more information)

In short: this means that our NFTs will evolve with time and the player's progress, and that they can also die if the player doesn't take care of them (= the NFT is burned and lost forever). For this reason, and also to maximize the number of players, the supply of Veggies Gotchi is unlimited.

NFT Rarity

Like any other nfts, you can trade and exchange your Veggies Gotchi NFTs on zkSync marketplace ( zkMarkets, Element, etc...)

For the game's beta (current version), there are 5 types of Veggie Pet.

For the release of the first version, we plan to add more vegetable varieties and also add a customization section with skins, custom backgrounds, etc...

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